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The Happy Dance

I was thinking in the shower… where I do my best thinking, and it occurred to me that one of the best things you can do is to make someone else happy. I think Matt has made a lot of people happy! Enjoy!

God Does Not Hate

I saw a news clip the other day. A woman was holding a sign that said “God hates Fags”. She was telling the reporter that she didn’t hate fags, but God hated fags.

I have news for you lady. God doesn’t hate. God doesn’t spew hateful speech. God doesn’t lie. You obviously do hate fags, if you are going to spend your time carrying such a sign.

God is love. Evil is hate. When you preach hate messages you are preaching for the Devil.





I bought this domain years ago.  I wasn’t sure what I would do with it.  As far as domains go it was a pretty good purchase.  It was an older domain that came with backlinks and pagerank.

Now I know exactly why I bought this domain.

Too often, religion drives people apart.  With this blog I hope to bring people together no matter what religious “flavor” is their favorite.

Throughout history people have used religion to divide people, rather than to bring them together.  Even today, most  religions have a philosophy of “if you are not one of us” then:

  1. you will cease to exist when you die (unlike us)
  2. you will go to hell and be tortured for eternity
  3. you should be killed

They are all wrong.

Religions are different because people are different.

Thanks to the internet and global communication it is easy for almost anyone to share their religious and spiritual views.

I want to use this blog to share my own spiritual views.  To share the views of others, and to show how we are all really more alike than different.

Please join me in this exploration of ideas. I welcome your comments, your discussions, and even your disagreements.

Peace, Love and Happiness